The Magic of School Visits


A few of the kids at Carson Elementary who stayed after the event to get their book signed by Stel.

When an author has an opportunity to visit a school, everybody wins. And Stel Pavlou’s visit to Carson Elementary in Denver last week was no exception. The auditorium was electric, with over 150 kids thrilled to meet the author of the newly released book, DANIEL COLDSTAR: THE RELIC WAR.

Stel opened the event by introducing himself and then dove straight into his talk, “Imagination: Your Passport To Discoveries.” And the kids were on the edge of their seats.

Stel brought along a couple of relics that are featured in his middle grade novel and asked the crowd of 4th and 5th graders to use their imagination to figure out what they were. Hands raised high and kid’s minds raced with excitement as they impatiently took turns guessing the purpose of the mysterious relic that Stel held high into the air.


Two relics from Stel Pavlou’s DANIEL COLDSTAR: THE RELIC WAR.

After he revealed the secret of the first relic, the crowd fell silent, in awe of the power and mysteries that it held. And then Stel broke the silence and blew their minds a little, “But though I am holding this relic in my hands, this isn’t real. I made it up. So how can something not be real, and yet be real at the same time? ” As in the book, DANIEL COLDSTAR: THE RELIC WAR, Stel challenged the kids to use their critical thinking skills…a theme purposely written into the book to help children learn how to analyze and question things that they face on a daily basis.

He then used that theme to ask what other areas in life is it necessary to use our imaginations. He talks about the importance of using imagination to solve world problems, in science discoveries and technology, how humans were able to go to outer space and even the smaller yet important areas…like solving our personal daily problems, in our school work and in all the ways that we are creative. Imagination is a thread that weaves throughout our world and every single mind is capable of using it.

When Stel began to read the first two chapters, the kids cracked open their brand new books and eagerly read along. It was a beautiful sight to see so many kids hanging on to every word and flipping to the next pages in unison.


Like every event Stel has had for DANIEL COLDSTAR: THE RELIC WAR, the first questions kids ask are 1. “When is the next one coming out?” And 2. “Will there be a movie?” Stel is currently working on book #2. And as for the movie? Well, we have nothing to report on that just yet.

After the event, it took almost an hour as the kids patiently waited to get their book signed and personalized. Boys and girls, all equally interested in the book, sat and continued to read on into chapter 3 until it was their turn. One child had picked up their book in a store the day before and stayed up all night until he finished all 44 chapters. This is the kind of excitement we are seeing about the book. And it has been the most heartwarming reward after all the efforts to get it into children’s hands.

If you are an educator and would like Stel to visit your school or do a Skype visit, you can find more details here.