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Coldstar Book


From bestselling adult novelist Stel Pavlou comes a gritty yet funny science fiction fantasy for the middle grade reader.

THE GALAXY IS DIVIDED. Aliens are extinct and humans are evolving in a thousand different ways.

With rival star nations pitted against one another, any advantage can mean the difference between survival and destruction.

Deep inside a mine, on a long forgotten planet, Daniel Coldstar searches for relics from a lost alien civilization. Robbed of his memories just like the other boys who
call themselves “grubs,” Daniel does not know where he comes from or how he got
here. All he knows is that if he does not do the bidding of his fearsome masters,
the Overseers, he too will be made to “disappear.” That is, until the day he unearths a relic more powerful than anything he has ever seen. If he hands it over, as he should, it would mean his certain doom. But if he keeps it, he just might be able to escape. . . .

Thus begins the epic outer space adventure filled with Truth Seekers, anatoms, Leechers, and the evil Sinja who seek to control the entire universe. All that stands in their way is a boy named Daniel Coldstar, whose journey will change the Galaxy forever.


“There’s more than a touch of Star Wars sensibility here, from the snappy dialogue to the extraterrestrial and manufactured secondary characters to the training academy and its gung-ho adolescents…an effective gateway through which to lure space-addicted middle-schoolers from movies into books.” – Bulletin of the center for Children’s Books

“Sci-fi has never been so much fun. I loved it!” – Eoin Colfer, bestselling author of Artemis Fowl

“Page-turning…action-packed journey…themes on truth, power, and wisdom. Sure to be a hit for sci-fi readers who love a wild romp!”  -School Library Journal

“Outrageously creative…” -Kirkus Review

A breathless adventure full of surprise twists, daring escapes, awesome tech, and sinister conspiracies!” – Joel Ross, author of Beast & Crown



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